What is the best mouse to buy, i need a new one?

Answer The best mouse is Wired Optical. Here's why. While a wire seems like a pain, a wireless mouse gets heavy with those batteries inside. A ball-type mouse is old fashioned and gets dirty. An opt... Read More »

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What is the best food to put in a mouse trap to catch mouse fast?

What is the best bait to catch a mouse in a mouse trap?

According to the 4 Dot Ranch, maker of It's So Simple Mouse Traps, the best mouse bait is a mixture of peanut butter and bacon bits that stays fresher longer than sugary baits and maintains an enti... Read More »

Which Is Best for Tracing Lines: Optical Mouse vs. Laser Mouse?

Mayo is a small town located in northern Florida with a population of less than 1,000 and area of less than one square mile. A few campgrounds in and around Mayo have springs and rivers running thr... Read More »

Do I need a mouse pad under a cordless mouse?

of course!! it just feels better on my hand and arm!