What is the best motherboard and memory for this configuration (gaming) ?

Answer I'd say the Asus Sabertooth Z77, it offers everything you need for gaming and the design is rock solid

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Will 4 x 2GB = 8GB DDR3-1333 Gaming Grade Memory Module fit AMD FX-4100 Processor with Motherboard?

All DDR3 memory works with current AMD processors. As long as the motherboard is AM3+ there will be no problem with FX-4100 and DDR3. Although some cheap motherboards have only 2 slots for the mem... Read More »

Gaming configuration?

I'll help you out. If you have a microcenter where you live always buy a processor from them.…Best gaming processor pretty much that's out there for intel... Read More »

Suggest Me a gaming PC configuration ,budget 22000/-?

You need at least minimum Rs.40,000 for a good gaming/entertainment computer which should be able to play the latest high definition/3D games, because these games are drag on the computer resources... Read More »

Intel i core PC configuration for best gaming experience under Rs. 33,600 (700$)?

For Gaming,most of your Performance comes from a Graphics Card not the CPU.Graphics card almost counts for 70-75% of your gaming performance.having a Core i7 or core i5 processor won't help you if ... Read More »