This is for a school project: Are you married or not married How many nights a month do you go out socially?

Answer I am not married. It depends on what season it is, but right now due to other focuses...I maybe only go out 4 times a month socially. Summer is very different from the in between season time of yea... Read More »

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What are the chances that a father who never married the mother and also has two sons from a previous marriage could get shared physical custody of an 8-month-old child?

Answer Truthfully, not too good. A baby is most likely to be left with the mother. Although if there are drugs or domestic violence involved it changes it drastically. Your two sons might be an... Read More »

What is the best month to buy a tv?

On One Hand: Fall and HolidaysAccording to, new models of televisions come out in September and October, which means stores offer sales on last year's units to clear out floor spa... Read More »

What is the best month to be born in?

The best month to be born in? It depends; are you superstitious or what?

Does anybody no if i can receive full family benefits from ssdi if I'm not married but live with my girlfriend and 20 month old son?

You can either contact licensed insurance agent (although not all sell travel insurance) or a licensed travel agent. Alternatively, travel insurance is often sold on line in conjunction with servic... Read More »