What is the best method of cleaning the glass of a scanner?

Answer first of all do not use alcohol or spray cleaners,,, use a moist cloth dipped in water that has a drop of liquid detergent in it.start at the center of the Glass and gently do in circles, not you l... Read More »

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Best Method for Cleaning Glass on a Solar Water Distiller?

Clean water is one of the most essential nutrients living beings require. You can buy expensive bottled waters, or you can embrace the green movement and build your own solar water distiller. Sola... Read More »

What is the best method of cleaning sticky marks from a monitor?

A blow-torch and scraper. Failing that, try a damp cloth and some detergent, or mild abrasive such as Cif. Be aware though that it is an abrasive, so be careful how much you rub.

What's the best method for cleaning a CD or a DVD?

Non-abrasive soap and warm water. Use just your fingers to clean it. No need of a scourer.If they are a bit damaged/scratched, use car polish (just a little) and a piece of cloth (preferably chamoi... Read More »

Best Method For Cleaning Library CD's?

take a lint-free cloth and wipe from the center outward, in a straight line. never wipe around the cd. if its scratchy, you cant really do anything about it.