What is the best megapixel ratio for digital video cameras?

Answer I would say 4:3 is the best for. It also depends on if it is for printing or for viewing on a TV screen. You should also look at the print size and the screen size.

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Why do cameras/video have a 4:3 or 16:9 ratio?

cameras that use film offer many options for aspect ratio. some professional cameras that use 2 inch size film are indeed square, some are nearly square. a traditional 35mm camera frame is 3:2 whi... Read More »

Can you please provide me some information regarding digital cameras & video cameras?

Maybe these will help:Which Digital Video Camera Should You Buy?…Careers in Television and Video Production: How a Video Camera Workshttp://www.associatedc... Read More »

Do all compact digital cameras also have video?

no. most of them will have a video feature but at very poor quality, you will be VERY lucky to find one with decent quality. for example my $800 nikon CDC has video, but its almost useless becaus... Read More »

Film vs. Digital (video cameras)?

Hi again, Johnny: In part of your Question, you have "film" and "tape" confused, since the first is strictly optical (and analog) and the second is strictly electronic (but can be either analog or ... Read More »