What is the best megapixel ratio for digital video cameras?

Answer I would say 4:3 is the best for. It also depends on if it is for printing or for viewing on a TV screen. You should also look at the print size and the screen size.

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Can you please provide me some information regarding digital cameras & video cameras?

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Why do cameras/video have a 4:3 or 16:9 ratio?

cameras that use film offer many options for aspect ratio. some professional cameras that use 2 inch size film are indeed square, some are nearly square. a traditional 35mm camera frame is 3:2 whi... Read More »

What companies sell video digital cameras?

There are many companies that sell video digital cameras. Some of those companies include but are not limited to: Sony, Cobra, Sharper Image,and Kodak.

What is the best large megapixel Digital Camera to buy with the finest lens quality and resolution.?

I am a bit unclear whether you are looking for a D-SLR (with interchangeable lenses) or something more like a P&S. Regardless, I would start by looking at the various websites that offer reviews a... Read More »