What is the best medicine treatment for back ache?

Answer Im afraid very few medications in the world provide treatment. Medications are used to remove symptoms most of the time, not treat the problem. For example, you body hurts for a reason. Simply remo... Read More »

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What is the best medicine for head ache(sinus)?

Medicated steam inhalation may work best in your case. fill a vessel half full of water' Add a little of eucalyptus or tincture of benzoin, or vicks vaporub. boil the mixture. Inhale the steam com... Read More »

What is the best mattress to use to prevent back ache?

On One Hand: Traditional MattressesA traditional mattress can alleviate or prevent back pain. It has metal coils or springs inside, and the closer the coils are together, the firmer the mattress. T... Read More »

My boyfriend has a bad back ache, what are the best ways to releive the pain?

What's the best way to cure a soar throat. what medicine and/or treatment do you recommend.?

This may be the start of a cold...Usually what a sore throat means for me. Go out and get Zicam throat lozengers. They will sooth your throat and contain zinc to help you from either getting a cold... Read More »