What is the best medicine for a cold?

Answer Antibiotics & time. Vitamin C, garlic tabs & echinacea, boost your immune system so you can fight bacteria and germs off. But that s a preventative not a cure.

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WhAt IS ThE BeSt COld MedICiNE?

What is the best medicine for common cold?

For most of my life I averaged 1 or 2 colds per year. But about 4 years ago I started using Cold-Eaze, and for all practical purposes it is as if I have never had a cold since then. When I think I ... Read More »

What is the best cold medicine out there?

Unfortunately, all you can do with a cold is ride it out. Most colds last 10 days, whether you medicate it or not. The best thing you can do is to try to make one of the symptoms feel a little bett... Read More »

What is the best cold sore medicine?

On One Hand: Antivirals Improve Healing TimeThe best cold sore medicine is an oral anti-viral medication. According to Web MD, oral antiviral medicines reduce pain and slightly improve healing time... Read More »