What is the difference between a mall and a outlet mall?

Answer malls carry the newest itemsoutlets carry old items/or slightly damaged items and sell them for a lower price(=also,in some stores they carry items from years ago ! if you ever go to a juicy coutur... Read More »

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Have you been to the Mall of America What stores or restaurants did you like best?

I have never been there, but one of these days, I think I will make every effort to go for a visit.I would definitely enjoy myself after reading all about the Mall of America!:-)\\////\\

What is the best property management company in Arizona?

Leasing means to grant the temporary possession or use of lands, tenements, buildings, etc., to another, usually for compensation (monthly rent) at a fixed rate.

What is the best time to plant roses in Arizona?

In Southern and Western Arizona, the best time to plant roses is in mid to late December and early January. In Northern Arizona, March is the best time to plant roses.Source:University of Arizona: ... Read More »

Which of our outfits look best to the mall?

alright, first off. How old are you, like 12 maximum? Second, unroll your shorts and shirt. Thats not attractive and I'm pretty sure you have the biggest wedgie/ camel toe of your life and i can se... Read More »