Hi. I'm 14 and I drink a lot. My family don't know that I drink heavy kind of liquor.?

Answer You should seriously stop. Liquor is very unhealthy and it destroys your liver. You're way too young. Wait until you're older... maybe you'll have some sense.

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Why can I drink straight liquor?

Why wouldn't you?it's an acquired taste, no big deal.

How to Make a Gin Slinger Liquor Drink?

The name Gin Sling was taken from the German verb "schlingen," to describe how this drink is gulped hastily, or "slung" back. This relatively simple cocktail changed over the years, and has been ei... Read More »

Can i drink liquor after taking a daily vitamin?

Sure I tend to wash mine down with a beer or two or three or four....haha!

Turning 21 Tomorrow.. & cant drink clear liquor?

very interesting coz i noticed the differences between clear and dark liqours too last year ! the clear liqours or vodka will make me puke my guts out if i take too much of it ! the dark on the oth... Read More »