What is the best liquid to drink when not feeling too hott (aka sick)?

Answer If your stomach is queasy, then GINGER is a natural soother - so drink ginger tea or gingerale; and get some gingersnaps to nibble on. If you have a cold or the flu, then orange juice is good for ... Read More »

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What is best to drink when your sick?

Hot tea with lemon. Peppermint tea is good always helps me breathe better.

How do you get rid of that sick feeling in your stomache when you do not eat?

You eat. That is the only way and the best way. That is your body telling you that it needs food to keep you healthy and alive. I agree with the answer above 'eat.' The best thing to eat is someth... Read More »

What to drink instead of water when sick?

It depends on your symptoms, what kind of sickness? If you mean a general upset stomach; Ginger based drinks are best or peppermint (you can get peppermint cordial which works well), try to avoid f... Read More »

What can I do to stop getting sick all the time when I drink?

Have a good meal like pizza or pasta. Something that will fill you. I found that doing that and then as soon as I get home drinking a lot of water helps. I can't handle much alchohol, so before I... Read More »