What is the best liquid eyeliner?

Answer i find loreal make up works well - i like this one:…

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What eyeliner is best Cream liquid or pencil?

I personally like cream the best, I think its a good combination between liquid and pencil. It's easy to use and slide on smooth like liquid, but it can also be smudged out like pencil. It can also... Read More »

I have a pencil and liquid eyeliner I cant seem to get on right. Which would be best and how do I apply it?

It may seem hard at first, but it's not as hard as everyone is making it seem like it is. All it takes is a little patience, and once you get the hang of it, it's easy!! Liquid eyeliner was the f... Read More »

How to Put on Liquid Eyeliner?

There are many benefits to using a liquid eyeliner on your eyes. Liquid eyeliner comes in many different colors, is generally waterproof and is simple to apply. However, the first time you use it c... Read More »

How do you put on liquid eyeliner?

the easiest way I do it promotes wrinkles in the long run.. but is most effective.Close one eye and take your free hand (the one that won't be applying the eyeliner. If you're right handed its your... Read More »