What is the best lesson your mother has taught you?

Answer Never talk to strangers.Always try your best.Always tie you laces.Never swear.Always be a girls(their the best)loldo it nowbe a girl

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What is the most important lesson or skill that your Mom had taught you which you would pass on to your child?

My mother taught me to be a strong, independant woman. She never hung on a mans word or law and ruled her home herself. She and my Dad were a united front and very much in love but all final decisi... Read More »

Is religion taught as a lesson in america's public schools curriculum?

Some U.S. public schools incorporate the study of religion as part of a social studies curriculum. A comparative study of religion—not religious indoctrination—helps to broaden students' unders... Read More »

25 Things my mother taught me, please read!?

26. My mother taught me PROFANITY'Sh*t now look what you made me do.'

How can you best gain custody of your child who is currently living with its mother in another state when the mother has a history of drug use and police involvement?

Answer If you simply take the child, you'll likely be charged with kidnapping. Your best bet would probably be to take her to court for custody on the grounds that she is an unfit mother. The wise... Read More »