What is the best lens for a sony a200 slr?

Answer To make photos "... look very artistic and professional ..." requires that you have knowledge of light, composition, exposure and depth of field and the skill needed to use that knowledge. There is... Read More »

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Which is the best Digital SLR out of these (1)Sony DSLR-A200 (2)Nikon D60 (3)Canon 1000D?

It seems you have done your homework in researching these three camera models…Now you have to go into a camera store and actually hold them in your hands a... Read More »

What is a good trade in price for a Sony a200?

Not much.You will get a better price by selling it on craigslist for around $250 to $300.Look at the Nikon D3200 or Canon T3i/600D when you start shopping for cameras. Visit a proper camera shop t... Read More »

Nikon D40 Vs Sony A200?

Go with the A200. It features in-camera Image Stabilization (IS) so every lens used becomes an IS lens. It has an in-camera focusing motor so any AF lens used will auto focus with it. Don't be misl... Read More »

Options for sony a200 zoom?

Sony offers the SAL14TC 1.4x teleconverter and the SAL20TC 2.0x teleconverter. Since they are matched for your lens you shouldn't lose much if any quality. What you do lose, though, is lens speed. ... Read More »