How to Determine Acceptable Hair Length for Dreadlocks?

Answer Explore the different ways to create a dreadlocks hair style. Numerous methods to create dreadlocks exist for any hair type including backcombing, braiding and twisting. The amount of hair you need... Read More »

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How to Start Dreadlocks by Braiding & Twisting Hair?

Dreadlocks are usually associated with the Rastafarian movement, originating in Jamaica. In the past, dreadlocks were unintentionally formed, but today many individuals choose to use different met... Read More »

How to Start Dreadlocks?

The decision to start dreadlocks takes time and patience. Your hair will go through a variety of different stages until you develop fully mature dreadlocks. If you decide to start dreadlocks on you... Read More »

How do I start dreadlocks?

I do not know if you know what "teasing your hair" means but that is a very good way to start them. What you need to do is take a section of your hair (what size and location you want it) and take ... Read More »

How to Start Your Own Locs (Dreadlocks)?

Locs, also referred to as dreads or dreadlocks, are sectioned pieces of hair where individual strands have merged together. Locs may vary a bit in thickness and even the amount of time they take t... Read More »