How to Buy the Right Kind of Shoe?

Answer These are the kind of shoes for everyday use.This article will help you find the correct kind of shoe for your type of foot. If you do not have supportive shoes, it will hurt your feet. You need to... Read More »

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What shoe is best for a concrete floor?

On One Hand: Select Shoes for Safety BenefitsConcrete floors are notoriously known as workplace fall hazards. When coupled with the wrong footwear, such as a standard tennis shoe, the slick surface... Read More »

What kind of glue do you use to glue a leather shoe to a plastic sole?

To glue a leather shoe upper to a plastic or rubber sole, you'll want to use an adhesive made just for gluing shoe parts. Probably the most popular of these is called "Shoe Goo." It's available onl... Read More »

What is the best selling women's walking shoe?

On One Hand: You need special walking shoesEveryday walkers, whether on a trail or off, have the option of purchasing special walking shoes. These shoes support the feet and ankles, cushion the fe... Read More »

What is best soccer shoe with cleats?

On One Hand: Nike CTR360Finding the best soccer shoe usually comes down to a choice between Nike and Adidas. Before Christmas 2009, profiled its top five soccer shoes. The Nike CT... Read More »