If you put your SIM card from your old phone into your new iphone 3G or 3GS you got from eBay will you be charged any kind of fee for upgrading to a new phone?

Answer No, however you must keep in mind that AT&T requires a special data package for iPhone to be added on your account. Without this additional package, the iPhone will not function on AT&T's network. ... Read More »

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What kind os phone do you have?

What kind of phone should I get ...?

G1 or Xpress music. They are both really good phone. my friend has G1 and everytime she brings it over I sit there and just text on it when she's not looking lol. Its easy too use and about in the ... Read More »

What kind of phone is this?

Looks like a Sony Ericsson W810i.…

What kind of phone do u like?