What is the best kind of hamster cage?

Answer On One Hand: Wire Cages Have Numerous BenefitsWire cages facilitate optimal air flow, which is necessary for hamsters to remain in good health. The deep bottom trays are detachable and easily clean... Read More »

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How to Set Up a Hamster Cage?

Simple hamster cageA hamster is an easy pet to look after. Do you want to know how to make the perfect cage for your baby? Spoiled hamsters will love this one.

How to Liven up a Hamster Cage?

Liven Up your hamster cage!Do you have a hamster and a boring cage? Want to liven it up? Yes? Then you've came to the right place!

How to Select a Hamster Cage?

Looking into getting a hamster? Well, your in luck! Here I'll explain about how to chose a appropriate hamster cage for your soon to be furry buddy.

How far apart can bars be for a hamster cage?

The space between wires on a standard hamster cage is .393 inches (1 centimeter) apart; this is for the hamster's safety and prevention of escape. Should the hamster be able to get his head between... Read More »