What is the best toothpaste for chronic halitosis?

Answer On One Hand: Best MethodHalitosis is the bad breath due to improper oral hygiene or bacterial growths in the mouth. This leads to unpleasant smell from the mouth. The researchers at University at B... Read More »

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What is the best way to treat chronic constipation naturally?

Yes pupa.parva, you correctly have noticed, if you have a health diet - you kill problem with constipation naturally. Constipation is mainly due to poor eating habits, insufficient exercise, not ge... Read More »

The Best Workouts for Chronic Knee Pain?

With some modifications, people who suffer chronic knee pain can still enjoy active and fit lifestyles. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, a workout program that combines aer... Read More »

What is the best kind of retaining wall for a very sloped yard We want to extend our back yard and use a 9 foot tall retaining wall and fill in with dirt Need some help with the best kind?

AnswerFirst get in touch with you local BUILDING OFFICIAL. They will probably have some questions as to what you are doing and why. There may be some restrictions in your area as to height of reten... Read More »

My best friend has chronic heartburn- does anyone know any quick remedies?

Easy.Get him to eat some REALLY spicy food.Then, rub some chicken gall on his finger and stick it to the back of his throat. This will make him gag, and hopefully, bring out the hot food and his he... Read More »