What is the best kind of camera for videotaping electronics?

Answer There are a few possibilities, but this one is my best guess:You are attempting to do close ups of the electronics that is outside the focusing range of the video camera you have.You will have to f... Read More »

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Here's kind of a complicated question for electronics experts....?

I sure do wish people who don't know what they are talking about would STOP ANSWERING TECHNICAL QUESTIONS!!! Although this scenario won't hurt anything, one of these days these fools are going to ... Read More »

Are digital camera electronics expensive?

It depends on what type you are looking for and what brand they are. But yes, they can be expensive. You can find good deals on sites and also through chain stores.

What kind of camera do you recommend that will be able to weather humidity all day long in the jungles and not effect the camera being wet all the time?

Now let's do some math... 4gb = 4x1024mb = 4096mb 4gb / 50mb = 4096mb / 50mb = 81.92 This means the 4gb card will hold 'bout 81 pictures. If you ever need to know while on the go, you can round... Read More »

What kind of camera do you recommend looking for an easy to use camera with a good picture .?

by 'easy to use' you mean like a point-and-shoot?As far as image quality, durability, and overall customer satisfaction, I'd recommend:>>Nikon S Series:…>... Read More »