What is the best kind of blank DVD's?

Answer Maxell:One of the few brands that is almost universally recommended.Sony: DVD-Rs are passable, but sometimes don't work. DVD-RWs have caused me a lot of trouble.DVD+RWs have caused a moderate quant... Read More »

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What kind of blank DVDs should you use with a Sony DVD burner?

Blank DVDs compatible with Sony DVD burners include DVD-R, DVD-RW and double-layer DVD-R discs, depending on the recorder model. Select Sony DVD burner models can also record using CD-R and CD-RW d... Read More »

How can I grab data dvds hd dvds video dvds into a blank dvdv disc?

How to Copy Dvds to Hard Drive or Burn Dvds to Blank Discs?

Most DVD funs should have a large number of DVDs, there is a problem that how to protected these DVDs from damage, scratch, the best way is to make backup copies for them. But most DVDs have copy p... Read More »

Can I buy blank PS2 DVDs?

There is no such thing as a blank PS2 disc, as the PS2 uses ordinary DVDs. You can purchase common blank DVDs, and with the correct software, make a copy of a PS2 disc. However, Sony includes a cop... Read More »