What is the best kind of TV to get DLP, LCD, PLASMA 57" Or any other?

Answer I personally wouldn't buy a LCD Rear Pro, cheap as they are to start with, you do have to replace bulbs over the years to come. They also have terrible viewing angles off to the sides, and don't lo... Read More »

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What is the best kind of TV...Plasma or LCD?

Depends on your situation and what you want from it!42" or larger...Plasma. I recommend Panasonic.40" or less...LCD. I recommend Samsung, LG, Sony or Phillips.Plasma TV's are best for fast motion c... Read More »

What is the best LCD or plasma TV And why is one or the other best?

In short, which ever has the picture that you like best that fits your budget.Plasma TV burning and phosphor life is about equivalent to CRT televisions (or better) these days. Expected useful lif... Read More »

What kind of tv has the best colour picture, quality, etc plasma lcd dlp?

go for an lcd television which is HD compatible, for a better picture look for a tv with a high contrast ratio! anything above 5000:1 would be a very high quality tv.if ur into films then u can get... Read More »

Whats the best kind of tv to buy LCD, LED, or Plasma Im deciding between an LCD or a LED?

LCD means that the screen image is provided through back lighting. In simple terms, there are two basic types of backlighting offered by the industry: Standard (original) which is provided throug... Read More »