What is the best kind of TV to get DLP, LCD, PLASMA 57" Or any other?

Answer I personally wouldn't buy a LCD Rear Pro, cheap as they are to start with, you do have to replace bulbs over the years to come. They also have terrible viewing angles off to the sides, and don't lo... Read More »

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What kind of plasma TV should i buy?

I wouldn't purchase any type of plasma TV. For one, they burned out too quickly when compared to LCD televisions. And Vizio, a Wal-Mart brand, is one of the cheapest on the market. Not worth pay... Read More »

What is the best kind of TV...Plasma or LCD?

Depends on your situation and what you want from it!42" or larger...Plasma. I recommend Panasonic.40" or less...LCD. I recommend Samsung, LG, Sony or Phillips.Plasma TV's are best for fast motion c... Read More »

I want to buy a t.v. what kind of TV should i purchase. Plasma, LCD, DLP or etc.?

For me DLP is the best becasue you can get a large TV with almost the same quality as plasma for less $. Also, you can play video games on DLP simply becasue it's like a souped-up projection TV. Al... Read More »

What kind of tv will be popular after plasma tvs are outdated?

OLED and LCOS is newer, but for the Flat Panel ASPECT....OLED and LED Flat panel technology will take over it's place.....