What is the best juice to mix vodka with?

Answer cranberry.................yummy

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Don't you hate it when someone has $20 vodka and $1.59 orange juice?

Why do women in the west drink liquor? Is it because of the cold climate? We women dont drink out here... so i have no idea what you are talking about.

Vodka and orange juice for a cold?

maybe the buzz will help im not to sure its the best way to rid a cold but wtf why not enjoy yourself

If I add vodka to grape juice, will it taste like wine?

Absoutely 100% it will work, also if you run to the end of a rainbow you will find a leperchan and a pot of gold, all your dreams will come true, you will make millions of dollars and be the most r... Read More »

If I drank vodka without juice would the alcohol hit me faster?

The thing about the orange juice is that it masks some of the vodka taste so you don't really notice until it's too late, but with the vodka straight up you realize quicker. However diluting it cou... Read More »