What is the best investing strategy in a downward trend stock market?

Answer On One Hand: Gamble for BigWhen the stock market is trending downward, the best investment strategy is to buy stocks of solid companies that are going down. When the stock market recovers, these st... Read More »

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Help! My Highschool grades show a downward trend! do i still have a chance at a decent college?

C's are fine for collegeYou need Bs/As for university

How often does the neopets stockmarket update?

The stock market in Neopets updates every thirty minutes--once at the top of the hour and once at half past the hour. However, not every stock in the market will experience change. Some stocks may ... Read More »

Why do roots grow downward?

They are seeking water and vitamins which they require. These are found in the soil, so the roots of a plant grow down. If you look at the roots of a large tree in a wet area like Seattle, they are... Read More »

How to Do a Downward Facing Arm/Leg Exercise?

This low-impact exercise uses your spinal muscles to stabilize both your back and the rest of your body.Target zone: Spinal musclesIntensity level: MediumEquipment: None