What is the best insecticide for ficus trees?

Answer Try soapy water if tis doesnt work bring in the big battalions and try manufacturers product, read the label.

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What is the watering frequency for ficus trees?

The two primary types of ficus grown as house plants are rubber trees, Ficus elastica, and weeping fig, Ficus benjamina. Ficus plants should be watered thoroughly until water drains out the base of... Read More »

Granular Insecticide for Scales on Trees?

Scale is a tiny insect that infects many different varieties of plants. In addition, there are several varieties of the scale insect itself, which can be hard or soft bodied. Regardless of the vari... Read More »

How to Inject Trees With Insecticide?

Although most liquid insecticide is applied as a spray to the exterior of the tree, it can also be injected into the trunk. Injected insecticide is absorbed faster by the tree and acts quicker than... Read More »

How to Root Ficus Trees?

There are many varieties of ficus trees, including the fig tree and the rubber tree. Propagation of ficus trees is accomplished using several methods, but one of the quickest is rooting a cutting f... Read More »