How to Buy a Hunting Rifle?

Answer How to buy a hunting rifle depends on what you want to hunt. This article assumes you are in the USA lower 48 and have an interest in hunting small game like rabbits, medium game like deer and up t... Read More »

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Minnesota Air Rifle Hunting Laws?

In the state of Minnesota, air rifle hunting laws follow the same rules as those of regular rifles and firearms. An air rifle is no less dangerous than a rifle. Hunters must be careful handling air... Read More »

How to Make Winter Camouflage for Your Hunting Rifle?

Hunting is a thrilling sport for many but as long as your targets don't see you. What if you go hunting in the winter? I don't think that your summer camo will be to helpful here's how to make some... Read More »

Why can't we use a 243 caliber rifle for deer hunting in Ohio?

Ohio, like some other states, demands that hunters use only shotgun slugs to take big game such as deer. The .243 Winchester, being a high-velocity rifle cartridge, is not permitted for hunting. Th... Read More »

When does rifle hunting season start in Northeast Alabama?

In the state of Alabama, including the northeastern portion of the state, gun hunting season begins on Nov. 21. This includes rifles and other guns, except specific muzzle-loading guns and is as of... Read More »