What is the best horror film ever?

Answer The Exorcist:For these reasons (and much more):a) The year it was released (the book was a few years earlier)b) The impact that causedc) The topic of the history

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Whats the best horror movie ever made?

Shaun of the dead(Land of the dead is also acceptable)

What is the most scariest horror film you have ever seen.?

Amide Ville Horror, if that is spelled right..... Its scary because it was based on a true storey

Best film ever made?

Wow, tough question. For me it depends on the genre. I am going to have to say that the first Godfather in my opinion is the best movie ever made. Great story, great acting, extremely well made. In... Read More »

What is the best horror film you`ve seen?

I am not sure what type of horror movies you have seen so I will give a few suggestions of different types.Classic Horror Film: Rosemary's Baby. (1968) A wonderfully creepy old school horror movi... Read More »