What is the best home remedy for toothache i am in agony?

Answer Clove of garlicorA garlic clove pressed onto the area........yuk I know, but it numbs the nerve!

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What's a good home remedy for a toothache?

If you have any ground cloves,add a little water to it and make a paste..and pack it around your sore tooth till you can get to a dentist...It really does help to ease the pain!...I hope you or who... Read More »

Im in agony with toothache. taken max dosage Of paracetamol, not toUChed it what can i do now....HELP!!!?

First disinfect the area by washing your mouth and gargling with warm salt water. It might sting, but you will feel better later.Then, smash some cloves, and put on the tooth and gum area near the ... Read More »

Toothache remedy ?

my nanna swore by clove oil.few drops on some cotton-wool & place on the unhappy tooth.

How to Remedy Toothache?

Rubbing fresh cucumber on the teeth is one natural way to remedy those annoying toothaches.Here are some home-tested cures for the common toothache. They say it helps! Try these, but if the problem... Read More »