Best hangover remedy?

Answer Drink a litre of water or as much as you can handle before you go to bed. Have a big greasy breakfast when you get up. Fried eggs toast, maybe some jam to get your sugar back. It usually makes me f... Read More »

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What is the best remedy for a hangover?

What is your hangover remedy?

Lots and Lots of Water (before bed,in bed,in morning WATER!)Vitamin C---like at least 1000mg (if you smoke--even more)A multi or B's vitamin certain will helpApricots---trust me on this oneA prote... Read More »

What is the best remedy for hangover?

NUX VOMICA in 30 or 200 potency is the best cure and relief from a hang over. Nothing works better or faster then this Homeopathic Remedy. And totally wihout any side effects or complications.Take ... Read More »

After the New Years celebration, anyone have a good remedy for the next day's hangover.?

I have a few for you. Lots of carbonated water (or tonic), lots of water, take your aspirin or excedrin migraines the day before. A friend of my dad used to line his stomach with a quarter-pound ... Read More »