HIGH SCHOOL GUYS: Whats the best thing a high school girl can wear to look good?

Answer Just be yourself dress in your style

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What is the percentage of people in America that do not have a high school diploma?

According the United States Census, 13 percent of adults over age 25 did not have a high school diploma as of 2009. The U.S. Committee on Education and Labor states that about 30 percent of student... Read More »

The Best Military High Schools in America?

Military schools are demanding educational institutions. Students are prepped for college and the real world through rigorous schedules employed by military schools to instill discipline into their... Read More »

How many children graduate high school in America each year?

According to a White House press release in March of 2010, The United States high school graduation rate is approximately 70 percent. On average, 1.2 million American students drop out of high scho... Read More »

The Best Private High Schools in America in 2008?

A good high school education not only plays a significant role in your kids' collegiate options, it can influence the rest of their lives. Thus, enrolling your kids in a private high school may be... Read More »