What is the best herb can kill striptococus'bacteria?

Answer No herb will kill the streptococcus bacterium, only antibiotics can do that, though the body's natural defenses may overcome it in time.

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How to Kill Bugs in Herb Gardens?

Herbs are varieties of plants whose leaves and flowers are used for medicinal purposes or to add flavor to food. Indoor or outdoor herb gardens are usually harvested for immediate consumption or to... Read More »

What is the best use for the herb tarragon?

I love using tarragon on chicken. just sprinkle some dried crushed leaves. It's delicious! Tarragon makes an excellent ingredient for infusing through vinegar. Just fill ajar with the bruised leave... Read More »

What is the best herb for relaxing?

My husband is an alternative medicine doctor, and he often suggests patients try Valerian Root. This herb is wonderful, and can be purchased nearly anywhere in capsule form.(don't pay high health f... Read More »

What is the best herb to use for teas?

Chamomile is the most widely used herb for tea..