My garden gnomes have formed a heavy metal band...?

Answer quit your job and be their rodie so you can stay up all night

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What are the best headphones for heavy metal and rap?

In my mind i find Centrios earbuds are the best for metal. I wouldn't know about rap since i don't listen to it but if you are looking for good bass earbuds then centrios are the best they can be f... Read More »

What is the name of the best black metal band that ever existed in the history of rock?

That's debatable, but in terms of their effect and influence I'd say Venom, since they more or less invented black metal.

Is Fall Out Boy the best Death Metal band out there?

Fall Out Boy isnt death metal. Not by any means. They are a pop/punk band.

I kind of want to get into Metal,heavy metal and ect. any suggestions?

As I'm sure a lot of people will recommend you the "classic" bands like AC/Dc, Guns'n'Roses, Metallica, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, etc... I', gonna recommend you less-known good and softer/melodic ban... Read More »