What is the best healthy food to eat when you have the munchies?

Answer 18 Twinkies and a 2 ltr. of Coke

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What are the best munchies, when you're stoned?

Bugles. You can put one on every finger. It's very entertaining.

What is the best munchies to have after or during smokin a joint?

I'll take one of everything mentioned above me please.

What is the best comfort food you have when you are ill ?

egg in a cup, soft boiled egg mashed up in a cup with a little bit butter salt & pepper. mum used to make it when we were little and not well...... it still works.

How do i stop myself from eating so much when i have the munchies?

Once my husband and I had such bad munchies we ate a can or corn beef hash and at the time it was the besttttttt ever....try munching on veggies. You can't avoid it lol