What is the best hd camcorder out there for the money?

Answer I like my Flip Ultra HD. Records in 720. Two hours of memory and about 180.oo

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What Camcorder should an Independent Filmmaker with no money buy?

You get nothing for nothing, and this is very true when you start to talk about video. A very good cheap camera (secondhand) would be something like a canon XL1s or XL2, an XL1 you would be able to... Read More »

What's the best hand held camcorder for the money out there?…I have the Flip Video Ultra and I love it but this is the newer version so I'm sure it's even better!

Does anyone have a FlipMino Camcorder, and if so what do you think of it Worth the money Quality?

How do you make a good documentary at home w/ a camcorder, a computer, and spend no more money?

Forget about "spend no more money." You'll have to spend some. That doesn't mean you'll have to blow your life savings, but some practical purchases are in order.Get a tripod.Get an extra battery... Read More »