What is the best grade of weed?

Answer Dank, Chronic, A+, there are many names but of course most of the time people will say it is better than it is.

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What is a good commercial grade weed killer?

Ranger Pro, Round Up Pro, or Round Up Ultra. They all get the job done. Ranger is a cheaper alternative to Round Up and it is the same exact product. If you expect rain add Latron D spreader sticke... Read More »

What is the best way to grow weed?

Well if out doors, I heard morning sunlight till half way through the day does it wonders. Good compost with cow dung and all the good stuff. Don't know whats available for food for the plant where... Read More »

What is the best flavor of weed for you?

I see that you're' having some trouble with this question. :)

What is the best to roll weed in?