What was the last free gift you received?

Answer Had a postcard this morning----thanks

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Have you ever received Super Comfy gift-----?

yes, 2 weeks ago for no reason. A super comfy blue house robe from my sweetheart. It wraps around snugly and warms me like fresh toast. Think I'll put it on now, thanks!

How much money can be received as a gift before taxes are due?

The IRS states that you can receive a gift of $13,000 per year from a single person or $26,000 from a married couple before taxes are due. However, gift taxes are usually paid by the gift giver, no... Read More »

How much can be received as a gift and not be reported on taxes?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the donor is responsible for reporting and paying the gift tax. The beneficiary does not report the gift on her tax return or pay taxes on the gift. As of... Read More »

How can a person sell stock received as a gift?

According to Investopedia, stocks provide a "share" of company ownership. As the company's assets and earnings grow, stock prices increase, which generates money for shareholders. Selling stock rec... Read More »