Have you ever received Super Comfy gift-----?

Answer yes, 2 weeks ago for no reason. A super comfy blue house robe from my sweetheart. It wraps around snugly and warms me like fresh toast. Think I'll put it on now, thanks!

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What is the best investing advice you've ever received?

Pay yourself first! before you pay anyone else. Treat it like a monthly bill. otherwise you will be 50 before a flash of your eyes and you will have nothing!

What is the best FASHION ADVICE you have EVER received or given?

Don't put on leggings until you have checked in the mirror (or even better, two mirrors) what you look like from behind!Advice from my mum. I don't have a large backside but a lot of women really o... Read More »

What is the best gift your child(ren) ever gave you for Christmas?

Can't top it. My little guy tried to give me his toy one year...but this year, I turned 40, with few people outside of contacts noticing. Work took a downturn & screwed up my plans to get away & ... Read More »


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