What is the best gel to leave hair soft&frizz free?

Answer On One Hand: Soft ControlGlazing gel possesses a liquid consistency. It smooths on evenly and offers a gentle, non-crunchy hold that is ideal for soft, frizz-free styles. Most hair-care lines featu... Read More »

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Would you leave your car at home if the bus was free?

You haven't stated if you are in the UK or not, so I will answer as someone who uses and likes buses here in the UK.London has the equivalent of free buses - Bendy Buses - where you are meant to ha... Read More »

Why do all leave in conditioners say to use them on damp hair Is it OK to use it on dry hair?

Yes, it's fine to use on dry hair. They just say that because they assume people are fully styling their hair from shampoo to blow drying etc. It's great on erither wet or dry, it probably would ab... Read More »

Best free virus scanner plz leave links?

OK, seriously, all the AVG links annoy me. AVG is NOT a good anti virus. It's a step above none, just because it's free and you have AVG and have no viruii doesn't mean it's good. It has poor de... Read More »

Please feel free to leave any suggestions, what kind of snacks should i serve at my sweet 15?

Meatballsdevil eggschicken wingshotwingschicken tendersVegtable Platterwith ranch dipchips and dipsHotdogsand hambrugers