What is the best fruity drink you can think of?

Answer "piece of asss"amaretopeach schnappsvodkasplash of sour"knock me down and **** me"razmatazvodkapeach schnappspineapple juice"red-headed slut"jagermeisterpeach schnappscranberry juice"washington app... Read More »

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I found out I like the taste of apricot brandy. Is this a gateway drink to liking fruity umbrella drinks?

It is a gateway to whistling Broadway show tunes and listening to Bette Midler.

Fruity Rum Drinks?

Rum is used in many drinks, including several fruity drinks for those who prefer a more sweet-tasting drink. Rum is available in dark and light, as well as artificial flavors, such as banana, cocon... Read More »

How to Get Fruity Loops 7?

The seventh version of recording program Fruity Loops (commonly called FL) has been discontinued. FL is an online recording studio. The only way to get that particular version of the program is to ... Read More »

How do you use Fruity Loops :(?

It's not sad man, Digital Audio Workstations are very confusing for the most part. I have been working on them for about 30 years now, and almost all of them are hard to learn to some degree or ano... Read More »