The Best Seafood Restaurants in Chicago?

Answer There are plenty of popular dining options in Chicago other than their highly praised pizza shops. In fact, Chicago has a great selection of critically acclaimed seafood restaurants offering classi... Read More »

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Where can I buy fresh seafood in the Bay Area?

Click on the link below and you will find a list of the top 10 seafood restaurants in San Franciso.…Good Luck!:-)

Good seafood places in chicago?

Generally I find even the best seafood restaurants in Chicago tend to overcook their seafood. I think the most sublimely cooked piece of fish came from Moto (not a seafood specialist) served in the... Read More »

What is the best seafood?

Stay away from lobster, also known as the cockroach of the sea! You may wish to try the salmon and scallops. Swordfish and tuna steaks can be outstanding. Clams are always an option but I prefer wh... Read More »

What are the best seafood restaurants in Pensacola Florida?

Joe Pattie's seafood restaurant is probably the best (it's looks are deceiving), and the shrimp basket, the crap trap, and oyster barn marina are also good. Due to the location of Pensacola and the... Read More »