What is the best french learning software?

Answer Bonjour!Rosetta Stone is the most famous but I find it too rigid, not fun and not so good for grammar - and it is very expensive.Rocket French is really good, especially for speaking skills. It wor... Read More »

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Why is learning French important?

Many people think of Paris when they think of the French language, but this tongue is more widespread than people may realize. In the U.S. alone, more than 1.6 million people speak some form of Fre... Read More »

Songs for Learning French?

Songs for learning French are usually aimed at elementary school children. However, music for teaching French may also be useful for middle school, high school and adult learners. Learn about time,... Read More »

Tools for Learning the French Language?

Learning any new language is easier with tools that help you practice your speaking and writing skills, learn vocabulary and generally familiarize with the rules and irregularities of the language.... Read More »

Swedish Learning Software?

If you want to learn Swedish, the official language of Sweden, without enrolling in a class, there are Swedish instruction software programs available on the market.