What is the best free software for ?

Answer dvd 7.5 GB how much ur mp4 avi, avi can on play on a computer, that's lowest format a video has, should be able to 20 of them on 1 DVD,… if this has helpe... Read More »

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What is the best FREE antivirus software?

Microsoft Security Essentials- it doesn't slow down your computer like nortonMalwarebytes- A great combination when using Security essentialsComodo firewall- If you have windows vista, if you have ... Read More »

What is the BEST free gameplay recording software?

I use something called HyperCam2, and yes, it is free.

What is the best free software to remove trojans?

Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareI got a bad Trojan in China last week, and this works very well!!! Free, and I am very satisfied!

What is the Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows?

I've used Microsoft Security Essentials [MSE] for a long time now. I'ts Free & a lot smoother and just as efficient as AVG [if not more]....I've used AVG before more than once & had problems with i... Read More »