What is the best free protection for my PC?

Answer Like you said make sure you only have one antivirus and one firewallBut you can have more than one antispywareI'm going to stick with freeware with my answer so if you want paid antiviruses I would... Read More »

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What is the best free spyware protection?

On One Hand: MalwareBytes Anti-MalwareAside from simple spyware protection, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) removes other things such as trojans, rootkits and viruses. MBAM scans your computer qui... Read More »

What is the best free virus protection software?

Totally FREE antivirus programs with real-time protection:1. avast! Home Edition2. AVG Free3. Avira Personal3. Bit Defender Free4. ComodoAdditionally, install SpyBot Search & Destroy - free antispy... Read More »

Best free virus protection?

Do this on-line scan first : if you think you might be infected now.Theni suggest you go and get Avast : can not get a better... Read More »

Where can i get the best free anti virus protection program on the web?

Well as usual. Everybody pushes Avast or AVG. But no one ever tells the questioner the down fall of the AV there asking about. Simply, Avast has no heuristic scanning ability in the free version. S... Read More »