What is the best free operating system?

Answer I'm a bit surprised that Ubuntu doesn't work for you. If you are interested in Linux, you might look into RedHat's or SUSE's latest offerings.I've been toying with OpenBSD - it is supposed to be v... Read More »

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What is the best operating system for me?

Windows XP Pro is the best and least bugging

What is the best Operating System for Indians?

Linux of course. It is open source, allowing us to customize it to our own uses, languages and preferences without being held hostage by any one company. We have an abundance of skilled programmers... Read More »

How to Install New Operating System Without Having to Reinstall Applications Installed on Previous Operating System?

It really becomes cumbersome and time taking when you want to format [to install a new operating system or want to reinstall the existing operating system] your operating system and you have to ins... Read More »

What is the best unix clone operating system?

On One Hand: Linux Most Popular and User-FriendlyThe most popular UNIX clone is Linux, considered the user-friendliest UNIX-like operating system. A primary reason for its popularity is its superio... Read More »