What is the best free online Anti-virus, I can download for Vista?

Answer AVG definitely. I use it on both my XP laptop and my Vista desktop and have never had a problem with it. It works flawlessly in both computers. It actually whooped paid McAfee in my experience, cau... Read More »

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What's a good anti-virus that i can download for free, except for Norton Anti-virus?

The Best: AVG 8.0 ( Most Effective: Avast 4.8 ( was the only AV program to find 100/100 viruses in the wild (simulated) but Avast has that Pre-Boot sca... Read More »

Whats the best anti virus protector and anti spyware to have and are free to download,i have trojans and bobax?

Hi, there are many good answers and references here. I will try to summarize and give you one list but it is based on my personal preference and use (and they're all free):1-AVG anti-virus (esp. if... Read More »

I believe there is a free anti-virus download. Does anyone use it?

Can any one tell me which is the best anti-virus download for free?

ok, listen to me, you will get a wide variety of answers, here's what you need to know, avira was last years antivirus software of the year, it is AWESOME, arguably the bets free or paid, whatever ... Read More »