What is the best free anti-virus and firewall software to get?

Answer well whoever suggests AVG or AVAST are simply novice with virus protection .. if you go to .. you will see that according to tests .. they failed badly.. AVG has only 75% de... Read More »

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What is the best free anti virus and firewall?

Avast free version is quite possibly the best free anti virus but doesn't have a firewallZone alarm offers a good firewallTo be honest I have used just Avast for about 6 years and haven't encounter... Read More »

Can anybody reccomend the best free anti-virus software, also the best virus removing tool thankyou?

avg, professional software and totally free!ps. the person who said "Remember they are FREE , they do not have enough money for top notch people to find solutions for thousand of new viruses appear... Read More »

What is the Best Anti-Virus software i can download for free?

AVG is good. Also get Ad-Aware and Malwarebytes.All of my links for free stuff are here. Only install 1 virus checker at a time i.e. remove Norton, McAfee, ... Read More »

What is the best free, downloadable anti-virus software? (firewall) (ad-aware) (spybot s&d)… (avg Anti-Virus)http://www.file... Read More »