What is the best foundation repair?

Answer On One Hand: Stabilize Ground and Use ConcreteFailures of foundations occur when the ground around and beneath the foundation moves or settles. Stabilize the surrounding earth with retaining walls,... Read More »

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How do I repair a damaged foundation?

Concrete or block foundations occasionally deteriorate and fail. As the component that holds the house up, foundations with problems need to be repaired. Obviously the type of damage will determine... Read More »

Foundation Repair Tools?

When you need to fix the foundation of your home, we usually think of it as a big job that needs to be contracted out to professionals. However, it's not always that hard to do. If you're handy wit... Read More »

How to Repair a Rock Foundation?

Stone or rock foundations are common in homes and other buildings constructed prior to 1915, according to the website Obviously, over time, these foundations will deteriorate. Th... Read More »

Foundation Epoxy Repair?

Cracks in concrete foundations can be signs of a serious structural issue. Many times, foundations that are just beginning to crack on the outside have been crumbling for months or even years on th... Read More »