High prices for food... why do people with a yard or land complain about high food prices when they can?

Answer I agree that people should at least try it. Most suburban gardens haven't the room, or are not allowed to have chickens or meat animals, but growing fruit and veg doesn't take up much room or time.... Read More »

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Is vinegar a high acid or high alkaline food?

Apple cider vinegar is considered an alkaline food. Other vinegars such as red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, rice vinegar and white distilled vinegar are all classified by Dr. Russell Jaffe from ... Read More »

What is high fat food?

A high-fat food is any food that provides more than the Center for Disease Control's recommended 20 to 35 percent of its calories in fat. There are several different kinds of fat.Daily Recommendat... Read More »

High fat content food?

Im not sure but i think he is talking about good fats. Like salmon it high in omega 3 and so is avacado. Olive oil is good to. I cant imagen a transfat diet. But if that is the case maby deep frie... Read More »

EC:What food is high in sodium?

You can pretty much assume that most (but not all) processed foods will have a higher sodium content than raw or unprocessed/preserved foods. Processed foods = food that is prepackaged in a can, va... Read More »