What are the healthiest best foods to eat when your trying to lose weight?

Answer A lot of times it's really good to listen to your body, so pay attention to what sounds good and try to have a variety…fruits, some vegetables, stay hydrated, and have small snacks throughout the... Read More »

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What do I eat at a sleepover when trying to lose weight!?

If you have been eating healthy consecutively, you can use this as your "cheat meal." there is research that suggests that if your eating healthy you should have a cheat meal once a week. Your bo... Read More »

If you're trying to lose weight shouldn't you avoid post workout food consumption?

It depends on the type of food and the amount. You need to restore some balance in the muscle build up so a very light protein intake won't do any harm.The trick is to be consistent with the exerci... Read More »

How often should I Exercise when trying to lose weight!?

Think about it this way, not so much quantity but quality.If you just work out, not really get your heart rate up... no matter how long you work out, you won't lose as much weight as you'd like.You... Read More »

Im trying to lose weight but tomarrow is thanksgiving what should i eat?

Hmm...there are some lists online that tell you what are the least fattening holiday options. Google for them, I can only remember some.Pumpkin pie is the least fattening pie (pecan is the worst)W... Read More »