What is the best food invented by France?

Answer Croissants and Baguettes

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Do they have spice food in France?

It does exist, but Frenchmen are not yet accustomed to very spicy food.Indian restaurants are more common than they were but the food tends to be more mild than expected.If you are visiting France ... Read More »

What is the most popular food in france?

France is considered the culinary capital of the world by many food experts. As such, you might think that truffles, champagne, or foie gras would rank as the most popular French foods. However, fr... Read More »

Why does France have so many food courses?

When enjoying a full French meal, there are several courses, usually five or more. Cooking is a highly regarded art form in France and eating is considered a cherished pleasure.HistoryFrance has be... Read More »

What kind of food do they have in France?

One of the most important aspects of French culture is food. Eating is not a rushed experience. The French love to take the time to enjoy cooking and eating. There is standard French food such as b... Read More »