Best food that cure's eyes weakness?

Answer Well my dad has been wearing glasses for years and can't make anything out without them. When he came to visit, (I make veggie juice every day) I made some carrot and beet juice for him. It is very... Read More »

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Is it dangerous to put food coloring in your eyes?

You should not put food coloring in your eyes, according to the Delta Education material safety data sheet on food coloring. The American Optometric Association warns that food coloring is not ster... Read More »

What is the best make-up product for dark circles under your eyes?

Hi i have the same problem and tried everything then i came across "YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch" and its fantastic. It comes in a range of shades i personally use shade 2. You can buy it from an... Read More »

What is your country's best food?

There's a lot!To name a few:Sinigang na baboySisigBicol expressGinataang manok

What is the best food from your country.?