What is the value of a US Marine Corps folding pocket knife?

Answer It is either a very strange artifact, a commemorative something or another, a piece of junk made somewhere in Asia or a one or two "genuine Hoax". Are you certain that it is not a TL-29 Electrician... Read More »

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How to Sharpen a Folding Knife?

Folding knives are great tools to have around as they could become very handy at the most unexpected times. From the ordinary pocket knife to the grand Swiss Army knife, these things are indeed use... Read More »

How to Open a Tiger Folding Knife?

A Tiger folding knife is an elite hunting knife that should be used for hunting trips. The Tiger knife is sharp enough to cut firewood and cut animal game. Opening this rainbow-colored knife can le... Read More »

How do I open a Tiger folding knife?

Press the button on the side of the knife; some models of the knife have two buttons, to make it easy to open with either your right or left hand. While holding the button down with one hand, pull... Read More »

California Folding Knife Laws?

California has several laws that apply to the type of knife people may possess or carry and where they may carry it. Generally, knives that appear to be something else, but have a concealed blade, ... Read More »